Start-up Technology

We empower Start-up to grow by establishing a solid technology infrastructure. Always with a hands-on attitude.

We don’t just talk. We execute!
Feat:Fix is an Amsterdam based Start-up technology consultancy Agency. Our service offerings include consulting and support for business strategy, product planing and development, technology implementation & business intelligence. Our team is geared towards covering all relevant topics to successfully launch a Product to the market. We not only cover the entire spectrum of technology topics. We also design, plan and manage the execution on each and every step of the lifecycle.
About us
Feat:Fix is a part of Euganox Group. Our primary focus is on FinTech and PropTech industries where we gained most proficiency in during the years. Since 2008 we have provided hands-on support for the Companies of all sizes helping to implement and make full use of the tools they have improve their overall business goals.
What can we do for you?
Strategy and

Strategy Development
Implementation Planing
Due Diligence & Audit

Technology Implementation

MVP Product Development
Production Development
BI/Data Warehousing


Product A/B Testing
Performance Marketing
Campaign Management


Data Mining
BI Tooling Integration

What stack we use?

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